What Our Clients Have to Say

LCBP kids build week Crop

“Leathers staff has my vote for any future parks around the US and International!” – Wes Hicks, Friendship Park and Hope Park, Frisco, TX.

I am the parent of a 20 year old who has cerebral palsy. I am so excited to finally see a park in our area for children with special needs. My daughter will now be able to go and play in the park with her young cousins and eventually her children. Mandy Lebow, proud mama and Development Director at Sacred Heart School. Tatum’s Garden, Salinas, CA

Regular playgrounds didn’t work with my daughter’s orthopedic disabilities. Possibility Place is a god send. Kim Loper about Possibility Place, an all-inclusive 100% accessible playground in Harrisburg, PA.

“You guys were super fun to build with. And you do good work. Hope Park is awesome!!” – Robyn Burkhardt Olschewsky, Friendship Park and Hope Park, Frisco, TX.

“I visited the park today and my son played with a 3 year old little girl who was there with her grandpa who is an amputee/wheelchair user. What a perfect park for him to bring his grand-daughter to! Because of the park’s wonderfully accessible design he was able to fully interact with his sweet grand-daughter the way a grandpa should! He was pushing her on the swings, spinning her on the merry go round, and helping her on the see saw. What a joy this park is in so very many ways!” –Ginny Williams, Hope Park, Frisco, TX.

“Regular playgrounds didn’t work with my daughter’s orthopedic disabilities. Possibility Place is a godsend.” Kim Loper, about Possibility Place an all-inclusive playground in Harrisburg, PA.

“You can’t possibly beat the end result. Our design is so unique and is a reflection of our community. We were able to involve all the children in the design and is something that can’t be replaced. Our entire community reflects over our experience. Many were amazed that it could be done – WE did it! What an amazing sense of accomplishment for everyone. Leathers & Associates not only facilitates a great playground, they build lasting relationships.” Dana Janke, Wild Cat Playground at Palm City Elementary School, FL.

“Thank you so much for the enthusiasm and encouragement every step of the way in seeing the Windmill Playground to fruition. What an amazing journey – from deisgn to build week. I truly enjoyed myself and have formulated so many new friends from the experience. The memories and sense of pride will be with me and my family forever.” Hulan Webb, Windmill Playground, Prosper, TX.

“I had no idea how it this process would make me feel and the experience I had is beyond words. I was on the verge of tears most of time because I could see all my dreams coming true! I have stories upon stories of sons getting along with their dads and learning the knowledge of construction from them (this means a lot to me as I work with teens and know the hardships of parent/child relationships) this project brought them together in a positive light. Stories of how grown retired Marines crying over the beauty they saw and experienced of people coming together for the betterment of their community. People are still stopping me at the post office reliving their stories during the build about what they did, who they worked with and how it changed them forever. The most encouraging thing that has been said is “what is the next town building project, count me in!” You are not only creating playgrounds for people to commune but you are creating life changing experiences in such a positive way! Your company creates a harmony of lifelong friendships, positive interaction with all different age levels and groups and all for the good of mankind now and in our future! Thank you for letting me be a part of something extraordinary. I cannot imagine Idyllwild without our special playground!” Dawn Sonnier, Idyllwild, CA playground.

“We had an amazing build – it turned out to be super well-organized and we had the most incredible skill base there. It was everything I hoped for, people came, loved it, stayed on and were then moved by the experience of being involved in something so connected to their community. It showed us all that our town has a strong beating heart! We have had nothing but compliments, everyone is so happy! L&A staff was fantastic, within 20 minutes of their arrival on site they had all the eager volunteers working hard at jobs, and they ran such a great build. Everyone was impressed by their work and we all felt empowered by their encouragement on the job.” Miranda Gillespie, Rye’s Up! Community Playground, Rye, Australia

“If you are thinking about building a park in your community, look no further. Leather & Associates is the organization you have to work with. They are awesome!” Keith Omlor, Moorestown, NJ.

“Your creations are awesome places for children to play. In my 40 years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything like them!” Lynda Decker Blanford

“The Leathers and Associates staff were amazing! They made planning and executing our Tiger Shark Cove Park rebuild so organized and manageable. Their online tools and all the support that is provided made the process much easier that I could have imagined and a lot of fun!” Kimberly Henghold, Tiger Shark Cover, Wellington, FL.