All-Inclusive Playgrounds
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L&A believes in the benefits of inclusive play. An all-inclusive playground is a fun-filled place where children can play together with their peers, family, friends, and neighbors without experiencing physical or social barriers to inclusion. Our design team considers play components that will challenge and accommodate typically developing children, as well as children with autism, hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and other physical and developmental needs.

We strive to go above and beyond current requirements and guidelines. In doing so, we consider everyone within your community: family, friends, caregivers, school staff, etc . Our talented staff will work closely with your community and local professionals to gather information on your budget,Frederic Larson available square footage, special needs population, wants and needs. Together we will create a unique design: one that provides the greatest number of developmentally and age appropriate play experiences for children of all abilities.

Good design delivers play events that give children a chance to learn, grow and develop together, which is important in improving their physical, cognitive, and social skills. Given the custom nature of our design work, we believe the possibilities are endless!

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