Barbara Dominie

Maintenance Coordinator

Barbara Dominie has worked at Leathers & Associates for over 26 years and is involved in many aspects of the business. She has served as our Maintenance Coordinator for over 18 years. Barb enjoys the variety and challenges of her work and is very much a team player. She is quick to assist clients with their every need and has a wealth of knowledge related to design, safety, materials and the history of L&A play. Neat and organized, Barb stays busy here at Leathers and states that she loves working with all our clients on each project. Barb’s number one goal is a sense of pride and accomplishment on every project and task. With the vast array of community playground builds going on at any given time Barb has to keep on her toes!

When she is not found (at the crack of dawn) at L&A’s New York based office, she enjoys living in the country and orienteering with her husband. Other favorite activities include canoeing, camping, and snowshoeing.