Build Options

Hope Park Mooresville editLeathers & Associates has been designing and building playgrounds since 1971. Our experience is extensive and includes completing more than 3,000 custom-designed playground projects in all 50 states and seven other countries. L&A specializes in creating unique play spaces for children of all abilities. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure our projects are cost effective, safe and provide well-rounded play environments. L&A playgrounds are the fulfillment of children’s dreams, and the product of collective energy and creativity of the entire community.

We’ve worked with cities, schools (public and private), zoos, science centers, service clubs, parks departments, ad-hoc community groups, government agencies and churches to create playgrounds of all sizes for all ages and abilities. Whether you are considering a small toddler playground or a large all-inclusive destination playground, we are here to help you bring your dreams to fruition.

L&A offers clients a variety of build methods to complete their playgrounds. The majority of our playground projects continue to follow the community-build method for construction, which is cost effective and has a significant positive impact on community members. People of all ages and abilities will have an opportunity to participate in the design and build process. There are many positive effects to the model and it certainly will provide your community with a sense of accomplishment and ownership.Perdido Kid's Park FL soldiers

If building with volunteers is not an option for you, we do offer a contractor build model. We have worked with developers and cities to design playgrounds of all sizes that were completed utilizing contractor labor. L&A can guide contractors in much the same way we guide volunteers.

Have you considered using a combination of contractors and volunteers for your build? We do offer this a build option as well. In this way, the members of your community still gain a sense of empowerment and inclusion. The important thing to remember is that we can work with you using many different build solutions. While considering your options, remember that we’re as close as your phone. Every project is different, and we understand that you have your own set of questions. Give us a call or complete our contact form, and we’ll be happy to answer questions and provide guidance as you consider your playground options.

Dream. Build. Play!