Community Build Playgrounds

community build playground designed by kidsOur mission is to create custom play spaces for children of all abilities. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure our projects are cost effective, safe and provide well-rounded play environments. L&A community build playgrounds are the fulfillment of children’s dreams and the product of collective energy and creativity of the entire community. Our staff has a strong commitment to quality, safety and fun. It is our goal to produce an awe inspiring play space that has a positive and long lasting impact on your community. Unlike manufactured playgrounds, L&A playgrounds reflect your community’s history, culture and local architecture. Our process empowers volunteers and instills a great sense of ownership. The process we utilize has been time tested for more than 40 years. We listen to our clients and use our experience to refine and improve our services. We provide our clients with the best tools and guidance available. L&A continually dedicates itself to assisting communities in building and fostering community spirit through custom-designed community-built playgrounds. We believe in the power of play and love what we do. Our design team, along with your community, can bring children’s dreams to reality!

Why Community Build Playgrounds?

Community Pride and Ownershipcommunity build playground thank you sign kids

Simply put volunteer build projects build community. As communities across the country will testify, the benefits of community build playgrounds go well beyond the cost savings. The experience offers a rare opportunity for individuals to collectively give something back to their community, resulting in a beautifully constructed, unique expression of shared pride.

Cost Savings

Utilizing volunteers for your build will generate a significant cost savings. The commercial value of the playground is two to three times what it cost to be built. In addition to the volunteer labor, securing donated or discounted materials also play an important role in lowering your overall budget. L&A staff will assist you in creating a budget and fundraising plan.

Innovation and Flexibility

Our designs are custom and unique to each community. When we say custom, we mean it – we don’t just move around manufactured components from a catalog. Our goal is to create a play structure that is unique to your area and reflects the flavor of your community. We incorporate local history, culture, and educational components, design custom elements, water play and shade structures. Based on feedback from the children and committee, L&A designers will create an awe inspiring playground that is one-of-a-kind and reflects your budget, wants and needs.

Quality Materials

L&A strTeepee Fort Wildflower Flower Mound Texas Leathers Playground Parkives to be environmentally responsible while providing a maintenance friendly end product. Our construction materials consist of recycled structural plastic and recycled composite plastic. Both are earth-friendly, long lasting and virtually maintenance free. A variety of ground cover options are available and all meet ASTM standards for impact attenuation and accessibility.


The safety of children is our first and foremost concern. All designs conform with ASTM International and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) standards and guidelines, as well as, ADA law. All designers and construction consultants are certified playground safety inspections (CPSIs) by the National Recreation and Parks Association. Upon completion, each L&A playground is inspected by a CPSI.


We have more than 40 years of experience coordinating the efforts of hundreds of skilled and unskilled volunteers at one time.  We’ve been on hand to witness the openings of thousands of community build playgrounds around the world.

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