Contractor Build

If building with volunteers is not an option, we can still provide a unique design to be installed professionally. Each client’s situation is reviewed on an individual basis and a build process is created to meet the client’s wants and needs. We have experience working with developers and cities to design playgrounds of all sizes. We can guide a group of contractors in much the same way we guide volunteers or L&A staff can serve as the contractor for the build. Some communities choose a combination of contractors and volunteers. In this way, the members of your community still gain a sense of accomplishment and inclusion. The important thing to remember is that we are flexible and can work with you using a variety of different build options.

Process Overview:

The first step is to contact us! From there our staff will begin collecting information from you. Our design team will review design input, site photos, survey, historical information, special needs, and other pertinent information gathered prior to creating a schematic design. Once the schematic design is completed, your drawing, materials list, and proposal will be forwarded for consideration. You will then have the opportunity to review the design and provide us with design feedback. Once your project manager reviews the feedback, we will proceed and begin creating final drawings and material lists.

Safety and quality always comes first. Your end product will meet all public playground safety guidelines and standards as well as ADA law. A certified playground safety inspector will inspect the project to insure that it is in compliance.



Project costs vary greatly. The overall budget varies based on the following key factors: overall scope of the project, choice of materials, and type of safety surfacing.  L&A fees are determined based on the size and scope of each individual project. An estimated proposal can be shared prior to moving forward and then finalized upon completion of the schematic design.