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We here at Leathers & Associates are so excited to finally reveal our redesigned website and new blog! We’ve been diligently working on ways to share all of the amazing communities we have worked with and all of the inspiring stories we have come across while building uniquely designed and fun playgrounds literally around the globe.

Our philosophy at L&A is simple. For over 40 years we have designed one-of-a-kind playgrounds using the imaginations of countless children, and then brought those designs to fruition by streamlining the community volunteer process. You might say we “Build Playgrounds While Building Communities.” And we’ve seen it happen time and time again–there’s just something special about being a part of something great. After all, what’s greater than seeing the smile on a child’s face or feeling the warmth in one’s heart after volunteering to bring an amazing play structure to your community?

DurinFort Wildflower openingg the course of 2012 and early 2013 it was our pleasure to help conceptualize, design, and build several unique playgrounds. We were busy all across North Texas in the Dallas Fort Worth area with builds in Prosper (Windmill Playground), Flower Mound (Fort Wildflower), Coppell (Kid Country), Friendship Park (Frisco, TX), and the much anticipated all-inclusive, sensory-rich Hope Park playground also located in Frisco.  Both Kid Country playground (Coppell, TX)  and Friendship Park (Frisco, TX) were rebuilds of earlier playgrounds L&A had designed over 20 years ago. When the playgrounds were ready to be modernized, the cities of Coppell and Frisco turned again to Leathers for the rebuilds. We feel so honored to be chosen again by the great folks in Texas!

Not only were we busy, busy, busy in Texas (with additional builds taking place in El Paso, Odessa, Bullard, and Ballinger) we also stayed equally busy across the United States with builds in Florida, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Oklahoma, California, Ohio, Massachusetts, Washington, Alabama, Missouri, Minnesota, and New York. We even had the opportunity to build a playground in Rye, Australia!

We can’t wait to tell you more about all the great playground projects we have slated for the near future in another post, including a one-of-a-kind new all-inclusive playground coming to Salinas, California (Tatum’s Garden), but first we want to tell you a little bit about our redesigned website and blog. If you’re visiting our website right now, then you will notice HUGE changes to how everything looks! We’ve tried to make information easier to find, as well as showcase plenty of our great playgrounds. We’ve also added sections for our build options (community, contractor), how to care long term for your playground, and resources to help you. We are especially proud of our all-inclusive playgrounds section which is designed to help communities incorporate fun-filled places where children can play together with their peers, family, friends, and neighbors without experiencing physical or social barriers to inclusion.

Our other big change is the addition of a blog which will be updated frequently with highlights of new playgrounds, stories about the communities and children we serve, ideas and tips to keep all children engaged in play everyday, and for sure a few other goodies that come along. Our blog will be engaging, inspiring, and fun-filled! We think anyone with a love for volunteerism, community, play, and children (including parents) will want to subscribe to our blog. Subscribing is simpledo it today so you don’t miss out!

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