The first playground we designed and built in 1971 was community built.

Almost 40 years later we are still helping build communities.  A lot has changed over the years – designs and materials have evolved.  In recent years it seems many of the manufacturers are claiming they do community built and in some ways they may.  But true community built is not just about community playground assembly. It’s about getting people involved, building bridges, empowering volunteers and truly building community.  The community build process not only connects people but teaches our children community service lessons and proves dreams can become reality when working together for a common cause.  The positive benefits that result from a  custom-designed community-built playground can’t be beat.  This unique process has the power to change lives and inspire community members to continue volunteering and helping others. Be a part of the future – make a difference in your community!

Still custom design…Still community built….HUGE community impact!