Danielle is the newest member of our staff and we are excited to have her as a part of our creative team. She dove into the playground world by spending 10 straight weeks in the field as a special features consultant. She’s also had an opportunity to participate in design days. Her response to this process is that she got to hang out with some pretty spectacular kids. While on Cookeville, TN’s design day a child mentioned without any hesitation that he wanted a pizza trampoline (which happens to be Danielle’s favorite food) and Danielle instantly knew she was heading in the right direction. She’s super excited about her future with Leathers.

Danielle loves working with kids and finds their imaginations to be fascinating. Working with kids is not new to Danielle as she previously worked at Club Med as a stage designer and had direct interaction with the kids that visited the resort. She believes children are the heart of a community and the coolest creatures on the planet.

While Danielle obtained her bachelor’s degree in fashion design, she knew she wanted to spread her wings further. She ventured into visual design at Bass Pro Shops, worked as a costume designer, stage designer,  graphic designer, and home decor/furniture repair. She has experience with woodworking which she learned from her father and loves doing faux finishes. While she is incredibly artistic, she is also hands on and able to operate any tool on the build site!

During her off time Danielle enjoys going to art and music shows, reading comic books, outdoor adventures, video games, traveling, spending time with friends and family, cruising on her longboard, and lightsaber duels.