Doug Hanuaer

Playground Consultant

Doug staff bio photoDoug is one of L&A’s most experienced construction consultants with more than 29 years of playground building under his belt. He is a Cornell University BS graduate. Doug exhibits strong organizational skills and a sharp eye to detail. He has led hundreds of playground builds all across the United States and provides our clients with exceptional leadership. He has been on hand to witness the openings of small tot lots to large all-inclusive playgrounds – many of which include big enclosed structures. Doug is a straight shooter that knows how and when to delegate. Empowering volunteers and seeing the results when people join together for a common cause is what brings the most satisfaction to Doug.

He is a nationally certified playground safety inspector (CPSI) and knows the safety standards and guidelines that apply to today’s playgrounds. He has personally supervised hundreds of playgrounds throughout the US.

When Doug isn’t building playgrounds he loves to travel. This was never more evident than when he and his wife took an opportunity to live in Latin America for four years. Doug’s extensive experience goes beyond playground building–he manages and owns his own construction company in Upstate New York.