Larry Mattingly

Construction Consultant

For the past 23 years Larry has worked with L&A bringing volunteers and contractors together all over the world building playgrounds. His background in elementary education comes in handy when he’s creating kids’ dream playgrounds! Larry’s 40 plus years of carpentry experience is an asset in maintaining quality control and empowering volunteers. Whether it’s weather related (yes, even tornadoes), food related (the best is within 50 miles of New Orleans) or culturally related, Larry thoroughly enjoys traveling and all the interesting experiences playground building offers. One of his most memorable experiences was the Port Angeles playground build. They organized a conga line of volunteers that sang and danced their way through the playground while delivering buckets of sand to the sand box. Larry loves building playgrounds and is quick to note that he can’t imagine a more satisfying and rewarding job.

When Larry isn’t traveling around the world creating playground magic, he enjoys sailing, kayaking, hiking, biking, reading, cooking and spending time with his wife, five children, 1 grandchild, and pets. Shortly after working with Leathers he discovered one of his children’s favorite playgrounds in Alexandria, VA just so happened to be an L&A playground! Larry is also quick to mention that it’s pretty cool that his son, Mac, now works for us too!