st andrews playground renovation

St. Andrews Creative Playground was built in 1993 solely through the efforts of the community’s 1,500 residents. The project resulted in what is one of Canada’s most impressive play structures–but more than that, it promoted a sense of ownership and pride which has had lasting benefits for the community. This unique and creative playground has become a part of St. Andrews heritage–children from all over the world come to play on it. After 20 years of cheerful and imaginative play, it was decided that a playground renovation was needed to keep the playground safe and enduring for many more years to come. We are proud and humbled to have been chosen once again to design and lead the efforts to restore St. Andrews Creative Playground to its former glory!

When St. Andrews Creative Playground was built 20 years ago, over 10,000 volunteer hours were logged with 400 volunteers onsite at any given time over the course of 5 days to complete the project. In order to conform to current safety standards and guidelines, and to save costs, a complete renovation rather than a rebuild was chosen as the best course of action. Again, the volunteer efforts of the community would be utilized to raise funds for and to restore the playground. During St. Andrews playground renovation and restoration in September 2013, volunteers resurfaced the wooden playground structure, replaced existing slides, and repaired broken equipment. Wooden decking and hand railings were replaced with composite material to prolong the life of the structure, eliminate splinters, and meet new safety regulations. The tot lot now has a poured rubberized surfacing making the area more accessible. The structure is now a mix of wood and recycled composite material. The creative original pieces of the structure have been preserved, while maintaining the original design created over 20 years ago.

St. Andrews in New Brunswick, Canada is a great example of how a community can come together to achieve a common goal of providing for its children through play. Take a moment to flip through the completed playground renovation photos below and to see how St. Andrews Creative Playground will make a difference in their community for many years to come. Local talented artists provided beautiful artwork in the playground. As always, if you are interested in learning more about renovating your playground or want to build a custom playground in your own community, contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and provide you with more information, including our newly updated playground brochure.

Photo Credit(s): Debra Keary-Hamilton and St. Andrews Creative Playground