playground renovations before and after for Discovery Playground in Tarpon Springs Florida

Caring for your playground properly means that children will be playing on it for 30 years or more! As with all playgrounds, when your playground begins to show age, an inspection and/or audit service will many times result in renovations, retrofits, accessibility upgrades, and additions. Discovery Playground, a popular park located in Tarpon Springs, Florida, completed a renovation on their playground this summer which resulted in over $100,000 in improvements. The updated play structure now boasts modern recycled plastic lumber on all contact surfaces and added accessible features for children of all abilities.

Here are a few selected images of the renovations made to Discovery Playground this summer:

L&A has extensive experience working with communities all across the United States in renovating their existing playgrounds. Many communities take this opportunity to increase visibility and add accessible all-inclusive play components. We also just completed playground renovations in Jacksonville, Florida. Additional renovation projects planned for this fall include St. Andrews, New Brunswick and Elk Grove, CA, as well as, working with Antioch, CA to rebuild their tot lot.

Many communities that built a Leathers playground 20-25 years ago are asking us to design them a new, modern playground! We refer to these projects as “Generation 2” playgrounds. We are fortunate enough to have four of these projects planning builds for this fall: Maquoketa, IA; Fort Pierce, FL; Edwardsville, IL; and Clewiston, FL. Our designs continually evolve over the years and we always strive to make our playgrounds more maintenance friendly.

If you are interested in learning more about inspections, audits, renovations or replacing your aging playground with a G2 project, contact us to learn more about the various options we have available. Today’s L&A playgrounds are environmentally and maintenance friendly!