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L&A haTreehouse details worked with communities all around the world to create unique play spaces. Our experience includes working with churches, cities, counties, schools (public and private), zoos, science centers, service clubs, parks departments, ad-hoc community groups and government agencies such as the military.

We offer a wide-range of educational play components that allow kids the opportunity to learn while they play. Playgrounds can have science, math, cultural, musical, or history themes. The range and scope of these pieces range greatly depending on the level of supervision available. Science centers tend to gravitate toward more complex pieces, whereas schools choose to incorporate components that are durable and don’t require a supervised environment.

The size of our playgrounds varies from small toddler projects to large enclosed super structures. Whether we are working here at home or in other countries, our clients all have a common mission: to provide exciting play experiences for their children!

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It is our goal to establish lifelong relationships with the communities that we work with. Many of these groups come back to us 10 to 15 years later for inspection visits and renovation work. Some choose to expand their playgrounds to provide increased accessibility. Others find additional needs they want addressed, such as adding an enclosed structure, water play, memorial garden, shade, or fitness apparatus. Regardless of their needs, we are here to listen and assist each step of the way.

Over the years, we have worked with Annies Playground Memorialnumerous communities to create memorial playgrounds that are dedicated to loved ones. Friends, family and the public are involved in the design, organization and build process. It is an opportunity to start the healing process and celebrate a loved one’s life. If space is limited or it is not your intention to dedicate an entire park, there is the option to include a special memorial play component, seating area or a memorial garden. Playgrounds today tend to be community gathering places where people come together to relax, chat, play and connect. What better way to remember those that you love than to create and dedicate a special memorial playground in their honor. For examples of memorial playgrounds or dedicated memorial play components contact our office.

The photo gallery for this page shares a Mooresville NC Memorialsampling of a wide array of playgrounds we have created all across the world. Scope and size vary. Remember that the possibilities are endless. We believe that if the kids imagine it, we can design and build it!

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